Chinese Dry Fried Green Beans with Bacon

This post was sponsored by Ling Ling. All opinions are my own.

Chinese Dry Fried Green Beans and potstickers are two of my favorite foods. Served together, they make up one of my go-to quick and easy dinners. Earlier this month, I wrote about Chinese New Year foods that the Chinese believe bring good luck in the new year. But the symbolism associated with different foods prevails year round in Chinese cuisine.

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Szechuan Shrimp for Chinese New Year

shrimp for chinese new yearThis post was sponsored by Ling Ling, all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I loved Chinese food so much when I was a kid that a story started circulating in my family that I was actually part Chinese.* Was I switched at birth? Did my mother have an illicit affair with a Chinese man? Who knew? But throughout my childhood, any time I got to choose, we ate Chinese. Chinese New Year, which is coming up on February 16, is the perfect excuse to indulge in my favorite cuisine. Different foods symbolize good fortune in the new year—health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and more. This Szechuan Shrimp will bring lots of laughs in the new year.

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Chinese New Year–What’s on the Menu?

Chinese new year veggie skewersThis post was sponsored by Ling Ling, all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Chinese New Year is my kind of holiday—parading dragons, fireworks, and food (lots of food!). This year, Chinese New Year begins on February 16. Flashy pyrotechnic shows and boisterous parades scare off evil spirits and auspicious foods portend prosperity, longevity, health, and happiness for the coming “year of the dog.” It’s the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar—everything you do (and eat) that day, and in the days leading up to it, according to Chinese custom, determines how your entire year will play out. Any holiday that promises to deliver good fortune because I stuffed my face with dumplings, noodles, and other auspicious foods is carved in stone on my calendar, too.

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Garlic Noodles from Burma Superstar–So Easy, So Addictive

garlic noodles from burma superstar overhead with hot sauceAlong with their famous Tea Leaf Salad, the Garlic Noodles from Burma Superstar are among the deep-down, soul-satisfying comfort foods that I crave. Always. Maybe it’s because they remind me of the carefree days of my youth (okay, my 30s) when I lived within walking distance of the original Burma Superstar on Clement Street and had all the time in the world to wait for one of their prized tables to open up—either standing on the sidewalk in the seemingly ever-present bone-chilling San Francisco fog, or tucked at a cozy table across the street at the Blue Danube sipping a latte.

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Curry Hummus with Jalapeno, Cilantro + a Secret

curry-hummus-overheadCurry hummus on my mind. See, it’s January 8, it’s cold, it’s raining, and I just made a big batch of homemade pita bread. I need something to dip it in, and I want something spicy and flavorful, hearty and healthy. Like hummus. But not just regular, boring hummus. Not olive hummus, or spicy hummus, or even roasted garlic hummus. Something more exciting to brighten up this dreary January day and turn this pile of warm, homemade pita bread into a satisfying lunch. Curry hummus! That’s it!

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Homemade Pita Bread

homemade pita bread freshly baked on plate with hummusI may have made a big mistake as a mother by leading my son to believe that it’s perfectly normal to come home from school on a Wednesday afternoon to find a fresh batch of homemade pita bread cooling in the kitchen. He is going to either be sorely disappointed when he grows up and discovers that most living situations don’t provide freshly baked bread on a weekly basis or he’ll be the type of guy to whip up his own bread once a week, only time will tell.

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Superfood Kale Salad with Miso Dressing


miso dressing kale salad

I know kale salads are yesterday’s news, but this one—with miso dressing, toasted almonds, dried blueberries, and sautéed mushrooms—is so good that it has replaced all other kale salads in my book. It has become my go-to healthy salad. So healthy, in fact, that I’m eating it today as a holiday pretox (fill your body with tons of antioxidants and the New Year’s bubbly won’t do a bit of harm!), but the leftovers will be just as useful for tomorrow’s detox. It’s a true superfood salad.

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Easy Red Chile Sauce for Tamales or Enchiladas

red chile sauce on tamaleA good red chile sauce is so soul-tinglingly delicious, and, it turns out, really easy to make, too. I like to use New Mexico chiles because I think they have the best flavor, but discovered recently that California and Anaheim chiles are descendants of the New Mexico chile so either are a fine substitute.

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Make Tamales at Home: An Easy Recipe and Guide

It's easy to make tamales at home! This guide and recipe are all you need. #christmas #tamales #tamalerecipe #howtomaketamales #maketamales #easytamales #easyrecipe #christmasdinner

easy to make tamales piled on a black plateI never really thought I would buy prepared food from a stranger on the internet—I mean, not like a company or a restaurant, but just a random person who posted on—but last year, I found myself PMing with a woman who posted that she was planning to make tamales and sell them for Christmas. It kind of felt like doing a drug deal (not that I have personal experience with that). We negotiated the price, she asked which types I’d like and how many, and I sent her money via Paypal with the hope that in a few weeks, she’d show up on my doorstep with a few dozen tamales for my family’s Christmas Eve dinner.

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Chocolate Pecan Pie – Easy Thanksgiving Recipe

chocolate pecan pie sliceIt’s funny how often I’m asked to bring dessert to holiday dinners and parties. The truth is, I’m not actually much of a baker. Making dessert is a lot of pressure–it has to be delicious and beautiful and above all, special. The thought of making an elaborate special-occasion dessert can send me into a serious tizzy. That’s why I wrote The Deceptively Easy Dessert Cookbook. It’s full of what I call “low-stress, high-reward” dessert recipes. These are recipes for quick, easy, made-(mostly)-from-scratch, and beautiful desserts that are suitable for even the most special of occasions, but uncomplicated enough to make any time the urge strikes. This Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie is a perfect example–I’ll be bringing it to my family’s Thanksgiving dinner this year.

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