Special Offer from Rewinery to Our San Francisco Readers: $15 Off!

Rewinery, San Francisco wine delivery service

San Francisco’s Rewinery delivers wine right to your door within an hour.

Do you live or work in San Francisco? Do you love wine? Our friends at Rewinery are offering a super deal for our San Francisco readers: $15 off your first Rewinery order. We tried it ourselves recently, and found it to be a very cool service. It’s basically like ordering a pizza for delivery, except that it’s wine instead of a pizza. And it’s delivered by a dude on a bike instead of a dude in a car. (I’m not sure if all the deliveries are bike-transported, but ours was.)

Here’s what to do. Go to their website: www.rewinery.com. You’ll have to register as a user before you can view any of the website content. Kind of confusing, but that’s just how it works. Once registered and signed in, you’ll be able to read all about the “Wine for Tonight” — what it is, why it’s noteworthy, what it pairs well with, and more. Like it? Order it! The wine will be in your hands within the hour.

To get your $15 discount, enter the code twolazygourmets at checkout.

On the day that Robin and I tried the service, the featured wine was a Domaine St. Nicolas Pinot Noir. We found it to be quite delicious with the Passover dinner we decided to cook in the middle of August!

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