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Turning Found Fruit into Treasured Quince Jelly (Super Simple Recipe!)

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I’ve always gotten a kick out of “finding” food and turning it into something delicious like quince jelly. At my first sleep-away camp at age 7, my buddies and I plucked huckleberries from vines alongside a hiking trail. We proundly … Continue reading

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Herb Mayonnaise and More at SF Cooking School

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People assume that since I’m a freelance food writer, I must eat amazing meals—like the heirloom tomato sandwich with homemade herb mayonnaise pictured above—all the time. The truth is a bit more dismal. Lunch usually involves snacking on random leftovers … Continue reading

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Pickled Onions with Lime Juice

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This quick lime juice pickled onion recipe is so simple, so flavorful, and so beautiful (that bright pink color!) that I just can’t get enough. The lime juice makes these pickled onions a perfect match for Mexican food, so I … Continue reading

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Easy Homemade Hot Sauce Recipe

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I recently moved to a new house. Though the new place is just a mile and a half from the old, I feel like the move has somehow turned me into a different person. Because it’s quite a bit smaller … Continue reading

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A Very Verde Roasted Tomatillo and Avocado Salsa (Our Favorite Salsa Verde Recipe)

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The window awning at Taco Los Altos in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood boasts a blunt claim of “The Best Mexican Food.” Since there are no contextual clues (like “in the universe” or “on this block” or “cooked by stamp … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Biscuits with Honey Butter

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There’s a decent chance that you’ll be finding yourself with some leftover sweet potatoes on your hands this Friday morning. If you love buttery baked dough as much as my family does, you might want to try this sweet potato … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Gravy for Your MeatlessThanksgiving

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And now for the vegetarian mushroom gravy that I promised you in yesterday’s post! This gravy is a must for the meatless Thanksgiving table. It’s so rich and savory that you’ll swear there’s something dead in there—but it’s 100% carcass-free. … Continue reading

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Basil Mint Pesto (That You’ll Want to Eat With a Spoon)

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The other morning my mother brought me a huge bag of fresh basil from her garden, which I aimlessly placed next to the huge bag of fresh basil that I had just bought at the grocery store. Since I hate … Continue reading

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Next Stop on Our Virtual Book Tour: Art & Lemons

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We’ve reached the second stop on our very exciting virtual book tour: Nikki Gardner’s gorgeous Art & Lemons blog. In Nikki’s own words, Art & Lemons is “about art, food, and story. I feature contemporary art and artists (especially photography), original … Continue reading

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A Lazy Gourmet Bridal Shower (And an easy recipe for Tiny Roasted Potatoes with Cilantro-Parsley Dipping Sauce)

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My good friend Rosie is getting married, and coincidentally, the big date is the very same as the pub date for The Lazy Gourmet. Last weekend I (in cahoots with Rosie’s lovely cousin Grace) had the honor of throwing her … Continue reading

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