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Gluten Free Pecan Tartlets with Date Caramel

I decided to make these delicious and adorable Gluten-Free Pecan Tartlets for #RecipeMakeover because they are practically health food. No, seriously. They’re not only gluten free, but also dairy free, refined sugar free, and packed with healthy pecans. The chopped … Continue reading

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Turning Found Fruit into Treasured Quince Jelly (Super Simple Recipe!)

I’ve always gotten a kick out of “finding” food and turning it into something delicious like quince jelly. At my first sleep-away camp at age 7, my buddies and I plucked huckleberries from vines alongside a hiking trail. We proundly … Continue reading

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Camp Cooking: Magic Layer Pie

It’s officially camping season and all around me, throngs of outdoor adventurers are readying their camping gear and pondering whether to head for the mountains or the desert, the coast or the woods. Me? I’m already planning the menu. Don’t … Continue reading

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Maple-Glazed Bacon Beignets

On the heels of my earlier success with homemade sufganiyot and a recent taste of Applewood-Smoked Bacon Beignets with Maple Crème Fraiche at Melissa Perillo’s San Francisco restaurant, Frances, I’ve been obsessing about fried balls of dough. As foodie obsessions … Continue reading

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Thai Black Rice Pudding with Coconut Milk

Rice pudding and coconut are both divisive food items, often inviting extreme reactions from supporters as well as loathers. As for me, I love both. And the sticky, sweet, faintly salty black rice coconut pudding that’s served in Southeast Asian … Continue reading

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Dessert Crepes with Sweet Ricotta Cream and Strawberries

If you’ve been reading Two Lazy Gourmets for a while you might have noticed that I LOVE TO MAKE CREPES! (Ever since I got a new crepe pan for my birthday, I can’t stop making crepes.) Yes, crepe-making is not … Continue reading

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Sticky Toffee Pudding: An Easy Recipe for an Elegant Christmas Desert

I tasted my first sticky toffee pudding while visiting Edinburgh when I was pregnant with my son. True to the myths about pregnant women, I had cravings. Uncontrollable, intense cravings. For instance, seeing a box of Nilla Wafers in the … Continue reading

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Jelly Donuts for Hanukkah

One day several Decembers ago, a friend mentioned in passing that she had stopped in to Mollie Stone’s on the way to work to pick up Krispy Kreme jelly donuts for her coworkers. “You know, for Hanukkah,” she said casually. … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Praline Topping

Last week we brought you a meatless entrée fit for the thanksgiving table, and today, I present a delectable gluten-free pumpkin pie. This easy Thanksgiving dessert is a stunning end to a festive meal, and one that’s fit for everyone, … Continue reading

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Honey Cake for Rosh Hashanah

While my sister and I gabbed over breakfast at our local Russian deli/bakery last weekend, my three-year-old niece entertained herself by playing with one of those little single-serving honey packets. After poking at it and balancing it on the backs … Continue reading

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