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The Lazy Gourmet book coverThe Lazy Gourmet (Viva Editions, 2011) is a cookbook for anyone who dreams of dazzling friends and family with elegant fare, but fears that such a feat would require Thomas Keller’s talent, Martha Stewart’s ingenuity, Gandhi’s patience, and Charles Manson’s free time. This fun, practical, and sympathetic guide for the novice cook conquers the misguided belief that preparing an elegant meal requires spending hours—or days—in the kitchen, sweating over elaborate and cumbersome recipes. The words “gourmet cooking” need no longer evoke visions of serious professionals in starched white hats, tedious techniques with foreign names, impossibly architectural towers of edibles, and lists of ingredients so exotic you need a private detective to track them down. The Lazy Gourmet introduces the apprehensive would-be cook to strikingly sophisticated, yet surprisingly simple recipes that can be made without cooking experience, fancy equipment, or arcane ingredients.

Popular television cooking show host and bestselling cookbook author Joanne Weir says, “This book is filled with food that’s simple, seasonal, fresh, and doable. Here you’ll find recipes that are perfect for family dinner on Tuesday night but fun, hip, and cool enough to serve your friends when you’re entertaining on Saturday evening. And it’s easy enough for even the novice to do.”

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Also by Robin Donovan:

Campfire CuisineCampfire Cuisine: Gourmet Recipes for the Great Outdoors is a guide for lovers of both good food and the great outdoors who are tired of sacrificing wholesome and delicious meals in order to enjoy nature. It offers more than 150 simple but inspired recipes for meals that can be cooked at a campsite or in any other outdoor setting—all made from fresh foods, never relying on processed or freeze-dried food products. Armed with the step-by-step, practical guidance on meal planning, shopping, equipment selection, and more provided in Campfire Cuisine, everyone from die-hard gourmets to inexperienced cooks will be prepared to eat well while reveling in the great outdoors.

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